Want to Sell More?

Using Spiffit, in 3 months, one dealership group sold $5.1 million in new and used vehicles.

Are Your Incentives & Rewards Driving ROI?

Spiffit helped one dealership sell $60,000 in parts and service; upselling $240,000 total sales in 30 days.


Save Time & Money!

Spiffit saved up to 20 hours of time per month for managers and controllers. No more whiteboards and spreadsheets!

Stay Top of Mind!

Reach into channels to influence partners, the market and final point of sale.

If you want to sell it – Spiffit!


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Align Tactics & Sell More

Wisely plan your Spiff incentive programs and track your sales teams performance, motivating them to increase sales efforts.

Track Performance

Track the leaders and encourage sales people to increase revenues by coaching them to elevate their performance.

Fulfill Awards

Track programs, view current liabilities, reconcile claims, download program data for accurate/concise reporting and fulfillment.

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Our Partners

Industry leading partners teaming with Spiffit to create world-class motorspace solutions.